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Poster Scholarship

All posters are eligible for the Best Poster Scholarship Award

• First Price - 250 € (for all authors)
Certificates of Merit will be given to 2nd and 3rd best posters.

All posters MUST be displayed until 11:45 AM on Tuesday
20th September 2016.

The winner and runners up of the Scholarships are required to attend the Closing Ceremony to receive their awards.
Brand Ambassadors will be notified of the winner and runner up names so PLEASE check at the EDTNA/ERCA Hospitality Suite before you leave the Conference in case you are a winner and departing earlier.
If you cannot attend the Closing Ceremony and you have won a Scholarship, you should either appoint someone to receive the award on your behalf or ask your Brand Ambassador to do so.
• These awards are open to all authors presenting a poster at the Conference.
• Your poster must be displayed in the correct place at the appropriate time and in accordance with the guidelines for Poster Presentations.
• The designated poster author must attend their assigned poster session as indicated in the Final Conference Programme.
• Posters prominently displaying company logos or trade names will be excluded from the poster scholarship.

The poster will be judged for:

• Originality of topic  25%
• Content - Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusions/Recommendations for Practice  25%
• Educational Value  20%
• Lay-out - Clear to read and appropriate to topic  15%
• Overall Impression of the Poster  15%

The winners of the Poster Scholarships will be announced and the awards will be given at the Closing Ceremony on Tuesday 20th September 2016, 12:00 Auditorium 2.

Download information about Poster Scholarship in a PDF format.